Confucius Institute Scholarship at Hunan Normal University


Confucius Institute Scholarship at Hunan Normal University


1. A Brief Introduction of Hunan Normal University

1) Why HNU?

  Hunan Normal University (HNU) is the largest and best provincial university in Hunan. It has been a national “211 Project” university since 1996, meaning it is a priority recipient of national funds, making it one of China’s key 100 universities.

We offer a comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate program. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses of HNU cover 11 fields: philosophy, economics, science of law, pedagogy, literature, history science, physics, engineering, agriculture, medical science and management science.

 HNU is led by over 1,600 faculty members with broad overseas experience and sharp academic backgrounds working with elite institutions such as Harvard and Yale.

 It is a globally well-connected university. HNU has established relationships with 100 universities and institutions in more than 30 countries and regions. HNU is a friend with many famous universities including Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University in Russia, University of California Riverside in the United States, Laval University in Canada, and Dresden University in Germany.

 2) An Overview of HNU

Founded in 1938, HNU is Located in the provincial capital of Changsha, a critical hub of politics which has produced Chinese leaders such as Chairman Mao Zedong and former Premier Zhu Rongji. Over one-third of Hunan Province's leaders graduated from HNU.We also excel in a number of other academic and professional fields. 

 HNU consists of five campuses, occuping 1.68 million square meters. The main campus is surrounded by lush greenery, and is situated at the foot of Yuelu Mountain and is along Hunan Province’s largest river, the Xiangjiang River. 

 After more than 70 years of development, HNU now has 24 colleges. The university has six 11th Five-Year national key disciplines, 14postdoctoral scientific research institutes, 110 doctoral programs, 184 master degree programs, 14 key discipline master degree programs and 78 bachelors degree programs.

 The library of the University has the largest collection of 3.3 million books among the universities and colleges in Hunan Province.

 Currently, over 36,000 undergraduates and postgraduates are studying on campus, including over 1,000 overseas students from 45 countries, working with our faculty to forge their careers in today's most important fields.

 After over seventy years since its founding, alumni include numerous eminent scientists and Olympic athletes; including Xia Jiahui, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a famous expert in the field of anthropology and medical genetics. Another is Yangxia, the Olympic female weightlifting champion, and Yang Wenjun, the Olympic Kayak champion.


2. Confucius Institute Scholarship:

 Confucius Institute Scholarship is provided by Hanban, the Confucius Institute headquarter, is mean to encourage foreign students to come to China to study Chinese language and cultures. In 2009, Hunan Normal University was authorized to accept Confucius Institute Scholarship students, and since then, HNU has accepted more than 100 long-term and short-term Confucius Institute Scholarship Students.

 This scholarship pays full tuition, accommodation fee, medical insurance fee, and provides living allowance 1,400- 1,900 Yuan (215-290 USD) per month to the winner of this scholarship.

 Applicants shall apply to Chinese diplomatic missions or Confucius Institutes in theirs own countries between January and April every year.

Applicants can apply to study as a Senior scholar, General scholar, Chinese language students, or they may pursue their Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree students.

 For more detailed application information, please go to the website of Hanban:

 3. Majors for students to apply

 1) Four weeks Language students,

2) One semester Language students,

3) One year Language students,

4) Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (two years),

5) Bachelor of Chinese Language, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, Pedagogy (four years),

6) Master of Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, Pedagogy (three years),

7) Doctor of Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, Pedagogy (three years).

4. Conditions for enrolling

1) Chinese Language proficiency is not asked for Applicant as four weeks, one semester and 
one year Language student.
2) Applicant for a Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages is required a 
bachelor educational background of the relevant major such as literature, history or pedagogy,
 and a new HSK-3 level.
3) Applicant for a bachelor degree of Chinese Language, Chinese Language and Culture, 
Chinese History, Pedagogy is required a high school diploma or equivalent 
education background and a new HSK-3 level.
4) Applicant for a master degree of Chinese Language and Culture, Chinese History, 
Pedagogy are required a bachelor degree and a new HSK-6 level.
5) Applicant for a doctor degree of Chinese Language and Culture, Chinese History,
 Pedagogy is required a bachelor degree and a new HSK-6 level.

 5. Admission Time

Hunan Normal University enrolls language students in spring and autumn. 

For Undergraduate students, master and doctor students only autumn semester is the admission time. 

A new spring semester begins at the beginning of March. In autumn semester, classes begin in early September.  

6. Numbers of Admission 

1) One semester language student: unlimited 

2) One year language student: unlimited 

3) Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (two years): 20 students /one semester

4) Chinese Language bachelor degree (four years): 20 students /one year

5) Bachelors of Chinese language and Literature, Chinese History, Pedagogy (four years): 10 students of each major

6) Bachelors of Chinese language and Literature, Chinese History, Pedagogy (four years): 5 students of each major

7) Bachelors of Chinese language and Literature, Chinese History, Pedagogy (four years): 3 students of each major 


 7. FAQ

1) Q: How do I get to Hunan Normal University?

    A: Overseas students from all over the world to come to study at HNU!A: Hunan Normal University is located in Changsha, Hunan Province, the south part of China. Foreign Students from all over the world can enter China from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen or other big cities, and then take the transfer flights from these cities, or take the direct express trains to Changsha. Students can also transfer in Hongkong and Seoul to take the direct flights to Changsha. We will arrange pickup at the airport or railway station.


2) Q: Please give a brief introduction about Hunan and Changsha.

  A: Hunan lies in the middle of Southern China. The name of Hunan was derived from its geographic site, hu means lake and nan means south, the two together form Hunan, a province that lies south of Dongting Lake. Hunan has long been known for its natural beauty, such as the world famous forest park Zhangjiajie. The Former Chairman Mao Zedong’s home town Shaoshan is also in Hunan. Hunan's mixture of mountains and water makes it among the most beautiful provinces in China.

As the capital of Hunan Province, Changsha is located in the southern part of China and next to Guangxi and Guangdong Provinces. Changsha is the hometown of many great figures in both ancient and modern history of China, including Mao Zedong (the first Chairman of P.R. of China, born in Shaoshan, Hunan), Yuan Longping (the “Father of Hybrid Rice”), the Hybrid Rice he invented has solved the problem of starvation for billions of people around the world.

Changsha is not only a cultural city with a long history but also a city full of modern dynamism. The ancient Chu and Xiang civilizations integrated with modern civilization. Changsha is an ideal city for people to live in with an easy access and a booming economy. Changsha has picturesque gardens covered by green trees and blue lakes. In 2009, Changsha won an award as one of the Happiest Cities to Live in China. Additionally, Changsha is an extremely safe city. Changsha enjoys the four distinctive Seasons and the locals like hot and spicy food.


3) Q: What is the accommodation like?

A: The teaching, research, studying and living conditions and facilities in Hunan Normal University are fully-equipped. There are public kitchens, laundry rooms, study halls and entertainment rooms in foreign student dormitory. All the rooms have telephone, internet lines, TV, air conditioning, fridge, desk, wardrobes and separate shower room and a western style toilet. You can cook your meals in the public kitchen or you may go out to eat at the student canteen or one of the many nearby restaurants.

Charge Standards in Foreign Student Apartment:

Single room: 1,200 Yuan per month (extra 1000 Yuan as room deposit, the bills of water and electricity are not included in the rent).

Double room: 600 Yuan per month (same as above)

Meals: 30 Yuan per day
4) Q: What are the surroundings and supporting facilities of the University like?
A: There are stores, banks, and a fitness center in the university. Large supermarkets, shopping center and entertainment center are next to the university. Hunan Normal University is in the centre of Changsha, it will take you only 10 minutes to go to downtown by bus. You will find staying in Hunan Normal University is comfortable and convenient.

 Welcome overseas students from all over the world to come to study at HNU!